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Monday, 21 August 2017

Gettogether at Trinity Buoy Wharf 3rd October 2017

All the different Time and Tide Bell communities from around Britain will be meeting together at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London on the 3rd of October. Here are some details:

Time and Tide Bell get-together, 
celebration and planning day October 3rd 2017 at Trinity Buoy Wharf 

Objectives of the day are to: 
1. Find ways in which people responsible for different bells might be able to help each other (bearing in mind that no-one is getting paid….) 
2. Provide inspiration as to exciting ways the bells can be used as the heart of new activity – artistic, educational…… 
3. Achieve a better sense both of the strong individuality of each installation and the fact that they are part of a network. 
4. Come up with many ideas about what needs doing next, including a website upgrade. 

Download Programme details here.

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